Jodie Landon

Age: 18
Occupation: Student; 12th grade
Goals: Total and absolute perfection

Perfectionist.  Honor Society President.  Student Council member.  Ticket seller.  She's dating the captain of the football team, Mack.  While she's driven to succeed in everything, she's friendly towards Daria.  Of course, she's also friendly with Brittany.

She's finally been getting fed up with her parent's endless pushing (or finally expressing that feeling), and if not for Mack would probably snap at any moment, even if she isn't sure she likes him for him.

Jodie's History:
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Second season
Third season
Fourth season

Jodie's Writing

Jodie's Activities
Honor Society (President)
Student Council (Vice-President)
Tennis Club
French Club
Debate Team

Jodie's Alter-Egos
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Second season
Third season
Fourth season
Fifth season

What her name means:

Variation of Joan, Josephine, and Judith
Joan:  Feminine form of John, Hebrew "graced by God".
Josephine:  Feminine form of Joseph, Hebrew "the Lord added".
Judith:  Hebrew, "a Jewess" or "praised".

Talk about overachieving... her parents had to giver her a name with at least three meanings.

Jodie's numerology reports:
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Jodie and Mack's compatibility table

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