The Credits

(Note: These are based on first-season information. Things have changed since, and there have been, for example, different directors for different episodes.)

Produced by: Susie Lewis Lynn

Written by: Glenn Eichler (101, 104, 106, 112, 113, 201, 213, 301, 307, 313, 401, 413, IIFY, 501, 513, IICY), Anne D. Berstein (102, 108, 111, 205, 308, 407, 502, 509), Sam Johnson (103, 110, 207, 303, 310), Chris Marcil (103, 110, 207, 303, 310), Neena Beber (105, 206, 212, 305, 408, 511), Laura Kightlinger (106), Peggy Nicoll (107, 208, 210, 304, 312, 404, 412, IIFY, 503, 512, IICY), Larry Doyle (109), Rachel Lipman (203, 306, 409), Peter Gaffney (204, 209), Rachelle Romberg (211, 302, 405), Peter Elwell (307, 311, 403, 410, 506), Dan Vebber (309, 406, 507), Jill Cargerman (402), Jonathan Greenberg (411, 504), Jacqueilyn Reingold (505, 510), Ron Corcillo and A.J. Poulin (508)

Supervising Director: Karen Disher

Art Director: Karen Hyden

Segment Directors: Ken Kimmelman, Paul Sparagano

Director: Eric Fogel, Karen Disher, Margaret E Rutherford, Chris Prynoski, Karan Hyden, Paul Sparagano, Machi Tantillo

Production Manager: Cindy E. Brolsma

Production Coordinator: Paula Martone

Background Design: Kirk-Albert Etienne, Miriam Katin, Jody Schaeffer, Laura Wakefield

Character & Prop Design: Glen Hanson, Karen Hyden, Brian Moyer, Olivia Ward, Kaori Hamura

Original Character Development: Edward Artinian, Willy Hartland

Design Coordinator: Olivia Ward

Character Voices: Geoffrey Arena, Amy Bennett, Lisa Collins, Delon Ferdinand, Tracy Grandstaff, Wendy Hoopes, Jessica Cyndee Jackson, Nora Laudini, Julian Rebolledo, Marc Thompson, John W. Lynn, Jr., Jessica Zaino, Cindy E. Brolsma, Danielle Carin, Nicole Carin, Eric Fogel, Alvaro J. Gonzalez, Tim Novikoff, Merle Becker, Patrick Ferdinand, Sharon Houston, Steven Huppert, Amy Palmer, Michael Tomanski, Paul Williams, Echo, Keno Rider, Sarah Drew, Alex Eichler, Gabriel Lockwood, Laura Santagelo-McLarnon, Ken Schatz, Sarah Fader, David Relly, Tom Borillo, Janie Martz, Maggie Frederic, Tony Pipitone, Russell Hankin.

Storyboard Consultant: Tony Eastman

Posers: Gloria Deponte, Roger Mejia, Paul Sparagano

Storyboard Artists: Wayne Becker, Craig J. Berman, Michael Labash, Alioi, Guy Moore, Robert Scull

Story Board Revisionist: Don Poynter

Storyboard Coordinators: Tati Nguyen, Meika Rouda

Checker: Nancy Lane

Color Design Supervisor: Micheal Zodorozny

Background Color Artist: Micheal Zodornzy, Sophie Kittredge

Character & Prop Color Artists: Donelle Estey, Laura Margulies

Cel Painters: Chris Costan, Amy Melson, David Ricceri, Brian Donnelly, Nadia Roden, Monica Smith, Lawrence Sewerd.

Overseas studios: Plus One Animations

Supervising Director: Choon Man Lee

Overseas Supervisor: Thomas Marsan

Track Reader: Phil Philipson

Mouth Direction: Kent Holaday

Post Production Supervisor: John W. Lynn, Jr.

Film Editor: Neil Lawrence

Film Editor Assistant: Damien Vandenburgh

Film Transfer: The Tape House, Inc.

Telecine: Victor Concepcion, Scot Olive

Daria Theme Music by: Splendora

Audio Post Production: Sync Sound Inc.

Sound Editors: John Bowen, Phillipe Desloovere, Tony Pipitone

Sound Effects/Foley: Phillipe Desloovere, Rick Weshler

Sound Mixer: David Juanai, Grant Maxwell

Video Post Production: 601 Design, Image Group Post

Video Editor: John Tierney, Rob Ortiz, Eli Tishberg

Production Associate: Merle Becker

Production Assistants: Shane Buenego, Amy Palmer

Studio Production Manager: Jackie Barba

Studio Production Coordinator: Todd Roeland

Studio Production Associate: John Buoye

Office Manager: Erik Chichest, Mauricio Mejia, David Trexler, Rhodri J. Murphy

Interns: Erik Chichester, Mauricio Mejia, David Trexler, Adam Boyette, Holly Klein, Mark Myland, Michael D. Smith, Timothy Taylor, Tyrone Turnipseed, RolfeCunningham, Stacey Hosid, Eric Levine, Neil Sabatino

Creative Supervisors: Glenn Eichler, Susie Lewis Lynn

Executive Producter: Abby Terkuhle

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